The Cider Press Cafe | Why We Love St. Pete Theatre!
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Why We Love St. Pete Theatre!

St. Pete is a city that loves art. Take a step around any corner and you can find murals, ceramics, glass blowing, and beyond. We’re also home to the Dali Museum and the Chihuly Collection. This is no secret. Although we do get much well-deserved buzz for our visual arts, we shouldn’t forget all the great happenings and hotspots for the performing arts. At Cider Press Cafe, we want to share with you why we love the Sunshine City’s theatre scene.

American Stage

Around 1977, American Stage started out as The Palisades Theatre of Florida at Eckerd College. Throughout the decades, this nonprofit has covered almost everything from Shakespeare to Monty Python. One of their biggest events you can’t miss is American Stage in the Park where you can see comedies and musicals on spring evenings in Demens Landing. Many of the productions done by American Stage also deal with a lot of contemporary matters, and keeps the art of drama relevant for the 21st Century.

St. Petersburg Opera Company

You might only be familiar with “Figaro,” but St. Petersburg Opera Company sets out to expand your horizons. Recognized by the National Endowment of the Arts, the St. Petersburg Opera Company has been putting on performances since 2007. Over the last 12 years, Artistic and Executive Director Mark Sforzini has conducted over 40 operatic and theatrical productions. St. Pete Opera sets out to make the art form more accessible to the community and culturally enrich the lives of Tampa Bay.

The Spitfire Theatre

Not all actors have lines to remember. Some will just make them up on the spot. Although a relative newcomer (they opened their doors last November), The Spitfire Theatre has brought plenty of laughter to Grand Central District. The venue hosts improv performances as well as sketch comedy and stand-up. Workshops are also available for those who feel that they have a knack for comedy and can think on their feet.

freeFall Theatre

Since its opening in 2008, freeFall Theatre has been bringing St. Petersburg live productions of both classic and contemporary plays. They have also won more awards than any other theatre company in the Tampa Bay area. This July through August, be sure to catch their production of David Adjimi’s Marie Antoinette, which gives a modern-celebrity obsessed perspective of an enigmatic historical figure.

Supporting Local Artists

In today’s world, we’re surrounded by entertainment from the comfort of our couches to the screens on our phones. It’s almost safe to say that almost everyone has some show that they binge watch, but there’s nothing like taking the time to go out and to see something live. The amount of talent and hard-work that goes on and off stage can’t be expressed. The experience of seeing something happening in front of you, in real time, can’t be replicated.

Our city has plenty to offer for fun and entertainment, but the St. Petersburg theatre community is not one you want to overlook. Seeing a play is great idea for a memorable night out (or date).

Save the Date for our “All the World is a Stage” Night celebrating our local theaters on July 25rd!