The Cider Press Cafe | Vegan for all.
Vegetarian and Vegan Cuisine
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Vegan for all.

You may have noticed we often say “Vegan for All” but what does it mean?
We want everyone to try vegan cuisine. Obviously we love it but find that sometimes it gets a bad rap. People immediately think of vegan food as bland and cold. After becoming vegans ourselves we were determined to show that vegan food can be delicious!
Vegan for All is not a call for everyone to become a vegan. After all, you don’t have to be Chinese to eat Chinese food, or Italian to eat Italian food, right?Therefore you don’t need to be vegan to enjoy a delicious night out to eat vegan cuisine. That’s what our call to action means to us – vegan for all! Great food for vegans, for vegetarians and for meat-eaters! It’s for all of us!
While vegans may love the flavors found in our dishes, we even have a few that might surprise meat-eaters.
  • Our Beyond Meat burger. With the smell, flavor and look of beef, (it even bleeds) it just may fool you. Give it a try! But be ready, Beyond Meat has even fooled Bill Gates.
  • Our James Beard Blended burger. Our entry to the national burger contest. But can a vegan burger win against beef burgers? We are currently running in the top 12!
  • Bacon. Our eggplant bacon will be the cherry on top of any sandwich on our menu.
  • Buffalo Bites… that are actually cauliflower, and one of our most popular appetizers.
  • But I like a bottle of soda with my lunch. We have you covered. In addition to the smoothies and Kombucha drinks we also have amazing root beer and cola. Not to mention wine and great local beer.
  • BBQ lovers meet the Jackfruit. Our Cuban Platter is just one dish that offers jackfruit “ropa vieja” along with black beans & rice, fried plantains. It’s one of our most popular dishes and it’s no wonder why!
This is just the beginning, we are trying new things all the time. Love Shrimp, Chicken, Roast Beef? There is a plant based version that may fool you.
Should you want to stretch your palette, we have a great menu including vegan takes on traditionally non-vegan dishes such as: 
  • Sushi rolls
  • Lasagna
  • Enchiladas
  • Pad Thai

Hungry yet?
All vegan. All delicious. Vegan for all.