The Cider Press Cafe | Why We Love the 600 Block!
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Why We Love the 600 Block!

The Cider Press Cafe will be coming up on its third year this August since we made the move to St. Pete. Since then, we knew that we found the right place to call home. Not only has the Sunshine City and Tampa Bay Area has welcomed us with open arms, but we also knew that the 600 Block was the perfect place for our restaurant. With almost three years passing by, we want to share with you our favorite parts of this neighborhood.

Art, Art, and more…Art


One of the most prominent things that makes the 600 Block such a lively part of our city is all the art galleries set up here. Taking a stroll through through this part of Central, you can tell that it’s an eclectic hub of creativity.
A prominent architectural feature, the Crislip Arcade has been the home of many small galleries. Although you might associate the term “arcade” with video games, the original use of the word was to describe passageways covered in arches. Built in the 1920’s, you can even say that it’s almost like a precursor to the mall.
Also, just a walk up the street is the Morean Arts Center (well, it’s technically part of the 700 block) which hosts a variety of creative classes and it features the Chihuly Collection.

The State Theater


Not only does the 600 Block is a great place for the visual arts, but it’s also home to one of Tampa Bay’s best concert venues, The State Theater. Built in the 1924’s as The Alexander National Bank, The State Theater is only the second standing piece of architecture in St. Pete designed by Neel Reed. After being transferred to another bank, the stock market crashed with a variety of businesses going in and out of the venue.
Then, in 1949, the building was renovated into a movie theater which lasted until the early 1980’s. To its current day, this landmark theater hosts a variety of live music. In the summer months, you can even catch the Indie Market in this space when it gets too hot on Baum Avenue.

Keeping St. Pete Local


Speaking of markets, you’ll find a variety of unique local shops along this piece of Central Ave. Make a stop, step out of your car, and you’re treated to a variety of great local businesses that you can’t find anywhere else. From handmade crafts, antique treasures, vinyls, and more, you can always find something to take home with a story behind it.

A State of Mind.

On any given weekend, it’s hard to argue that there’s anywhere else to take a late afternoon stroll down St. Pete. During these almost last three years, we’ve found that being at 600-something on Central Avenue isn’t just a location, but a state of mind. It’s a place where we can socialize, be inspired, and feel part of a community.
Next time you find yourself here, make a stop at your favorite vegan restaurant on the block. From brunch to dinner, there’s always plenty of great plant-based options no matter which diet you follow. At The Cider Press Cafe, we look forward to bringing vegan for all in 2018 and years to come.