The Cider Press Cafe | Have You Seen What’s Cooking at Cider Press Café Lately?
Vegetarian and Vegan Cuisine
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Have You Seen What’s Cooking at Cider Press Café Lately?

The vision for Cider Press Café began in 2011 with the goal of providing exquisite vegan entrees and meals anyone would enjoy. The concept was immediately successful. But Cider Press Café looks nothing like it did years ago. What started as a place to enjoy raw and fresh healthy delights has evolved into one of the best restaurant experiences in St. Petersburg. And with an increasing number of delicious, hot entrees certain to please the most discriminating palate, Cider Press Café continues to evolve today.

If you haven’t visited Cider Press Café lately, you would be pleasantly surprised at all the changes. From an extensive menu that rotates seasonally to a completely renovated kitchen, We now offers a much broader choice of culinary creations. And Chef Nate Bohn continues to impress patrons with his unique reiterations of the classics. Maybe it’s time you paid us a visit and see what all the buzz is about.

Get It While It’s Hot! – Comfort Foods and More!

The Buffalo Bleu Chick-n Sandwich & Fries

Three years ago, Cider Press Café saw a need for a change. While many loved our raw foods and tasty offerings, we realized the opportunity to expand our menu by offering hot soups and other items. As a result, hot beans and rice, soup du jour, and delicious mac-n-cheese menu items were added. Before we knew it, we went from a single “plug-in” hot press plate to several flat-irons. Today with all the delicious hot and tasty comfort foods on the menu, it’s hard to imagine we were once a raw food locale only.

With our enhanced menu, Cider Press Café has continued to provide an ever-increasing variety of culinary treats. But with growth comes change, and for Cider Press Café, this has been incredibly exciting. Unable to keep pace, we completely renovated our kitchen this past November. In addition to a completely new kitchen ventilation system, we now enjoy a full flat top grill and large deep fryer. Not only did this improve our existing customer service excellence, but it now allows us to offer even more delicious selections to our menu.

Imitators and Copycats? – That’s Perfectly Fine with Us!

BBQ Jackfruit

For Chef Nate at Cider Press Café, he learned early that the best form of flattery is imitation when it comes to culinary creations. It’s therefore not surprising that other restaurants might offer entrees that are very similar to some of our signature delights. After all, who wouldn’t want to imitate menu items like our Jammin’ Burger, a 2017 finalist in the James Beard Blended Burger contest?

As Chef Nate explains, while some new food products may appear from time to time, most real culinary creativity comes from infusing energy and excitement into an old idea. This is why he finds his inspiration in offering nuances to old classics. Whether it’s bar-b-cue jackfruit or Shepherd’s Pie, he thoroughly enjoys creating the most delicious and healthiest meals for our guests. And with our newly renovated kitchen, the opportunity to create such innovations just became that much easier!

What’s New for Spring at Cider Press Cafe? – Come Check It Out!

Vegan Brats!

With the weather inviting all of to the beach, you know spring is here. From an afternoon with friends to grabbing a Rays game at the “Trop,” Cider Press Café can help make your springtime excursions more memorable and enjoyable. In addition to a full menu that includes breakfast and dessert, we even have classic foods for opening day at the park and beyond. In fact, if you haven’t enjoyed the Beyond Bratwurst, you don’t know what you’re missing! Loaded with kraut, mustard, relish and onions on a pretzel bun, it’s the perfect meal before or after the game.

At Cider Press Café, we have something to please everyone. Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian, or none of the above, we know you will thoroughly enjoy your dining experience with us. While we always keep our ol’ favorites on the menu, we revamp our menus seasonally with interesting innovations. Thus, your experience at the café is certain to be unique each time you come. In other words, something’s always new at Cider Press Café!