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The Value of Local Community

When you think about the term community, what comes to mind? Perhaps, one way to get at the true meaning of the word is simply to break it down. “Common” and “unity” highlight the fact that together we have many things in common that connect us. In a local community, we share values, dreams, hopes and a sense of belonging. But at the same time, a local community is made up of many diverse individuals and local businesses. Thus, simply stating that a local community reflects a group that lives in the same place at the same time doesn’t do it justice. A local community is and should be so much more.

A Local Community – A Beautiful Web of Connectedness

Being a part of a local community, Cider Press Café appreciates the values as well as the responsibilities this brings. Though most of us wouldn’t think of being in a community as a commitment, in reality it is. At its core, a local community showcases the mutual support that we all bring to one another. Lending a helping hand to others in a time of need is simply something we do. And when a local community as a whole faces challenges together, the collective strength we gain from one another is tremendous. This is when a local community really shines!

As a local community member of St. Petersburg and Pinellas County, Cider Press Café has gladly helped support those in need. Because our local community is made up of diverse individuals and groups, at different times our support has moved in different directions. As advocates for a healthy and sustainable environment, Cider Press Café’s support has ranged from fundraisers for Sea Shepherd Conservation Society to donations made to Boyd Hill Nature Preserve and wildlife rescue. As local philanthropists, we have also supported an array of organizations that include St. Pete Pride, Toys for Tots, the Shine Mural Festival, and many others. For us, this is simply what it means to be part of a local community.

Good Food, Good Feeling

Mother Kombucha

At Cider Press Café, we value our local partners in the community and have since the beginning. From the very first day we opened our doors, we have embraced local area businesses. For example, Cider Press Café has been proud to have local craft beer on tap from Green Bench Brewery as part of its extensive menu offerings since day one. Likewise, you can enjoy a variety of drinks from Mother Kombucha, delicious baked delights from Halelife Bakery, and the freshest vegetables and fruits from Farm Fresh Produce. These are just a few of our local community partners that offer some of the finest products in the St. Petersburg area.

In St. Petersburg, we are fortunate to have an array of local businesses that truly value healthy eating and wholesome foods. Having such a large number of options within the community helps Cider Press Café further its mission in providing customers the absolute best dining experience. When visiting Cider Press Café, you not only get to enjoy healthy, exquisitely prepared menu selections, but you can also feel good about the support you provide to the St. Petersburg community.

Big on Health and Big on Heart

Freefall Theater

Being woven into the community fabric offers not only wonderful opportunities to appreciate local talent, but it also provides a great chance to lend support to friends and neighbors. At Cider Press Café, we therefore take pride in supporting several local community projects. For example, we have hosted a number of fundraisers and contributed significant donations to raise awareness about a variety of local community needs. These efforts have gone to support local organizations like Nature Conservancy, St. Pete Pride, Equality Florida, R’Club Child Care, and Toys for Tots.

Cider Press Café is also committed to advancing the arts within the St. Petersburg community. In addition to supporting local Shine Festival artists through meal donations, Cider Press Cafe actively supports theatre groups like American Stage and Freefall Theatre.

This past spring, we donated meals for the eight Tibetan monks who visited from the Drepung Gomang Monastery in India during their Florida CraftArt’s exhibit of “A Sacred Art Tour.” And Cider Press Café recently won Best of the Bay for Best Non-Museum Gallery Show this year for its “Pride Without Prejudice” local artist event. Cider Press Café not only cares about healthy food, but it also cares about our community.


Drepung Gomang Monastery

Our Holistic Mission for Wellness and Health

From our perspective, wellness is not just about healthy food…it’s about pursuing health in all areas of life. Helping to create a healthy community is simply an extension of our mission to support health and wellness for all. It’s amazing what a single person can do when they offer support. At Cider Press Café, we have witnessed the rewards that come from being an active member of a rich, local community. And we are very proud to call the St. Petersburg community our home.